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welcome to Kindergarten

teresa johnsMy name is Teresa Johns. I have been a Kindergarten teacher for 37 years at MES.

I am a graduate of Union University.

I enjoy spending time with my husband, four daughters and five grandkids!!Image result for grandkids clipart

Image result for arizona razorbacks clipartCollege Day—My college class is the

Arkansas Razorbacks! Our colors are red and black.

We will be assigned a certain day each month to wear our razorback college shirts with jeans.

The dates can be found at

If you do not have one, you may wear a solid red or black shirt with jeans on the assigned day.

HOMEWORKYour child will bring a planner and a reading sheet home once we begin our letters. Notes pertaining to homework will be sent home at a later date.



beckyMy name is Becky Ward. I have been at Middleton Elementary for 25 ½ years! For the first 13 ½, I was a Kindergarten/First Grade assistant!! This will begin my 13th year as a teacher and I teach Kindergarten!!

Our class represents the Georgia Bulldogs!! Our colors are red, black, and white.

Image result for georgia bulldogs clipartWe will be assigned a certain day each month to wear our Bulldog shirts and jeans!! Assigned days can be found here:

If you do not have one, you can wear a plain red or white shirt with jeans that day. 

HOMEWORK: Your child will bring home a planner and a reading sheet once we begin our letters. Notes pertaining to homework will be sent home at a later date.

I am excited about my new students and looking forward to having a great year!!

About Me: Students will call me Ms. De Ms. De

My name is De’Shadrian Campbell and I will be your child’s Kindergarten teacher this year.

To have a place of growing knowledge and acceptance is what I want for my classroom.

By working together, we will be able to accomplish this and have a successful school year. I have taught Kindergarten for 4 years and 1st grade for 1 year before joining Middleton Elementary.

 I am very excited for the opportunity to begin my 6th year teaching with each of you and your children.

COLLEGE DAY                                        Image result for UNIVERSITY OF michigan logo

We will be allowed to wear Jeans with an appropriate school colored shirt that matches the college of our classroom.

Our college is The University of Michigan and our colors are Dark Blue and Yellow. Thank you for participating.

Folders and PlannersImage result for folder clipart

We have a lot of things we do throughout the day in Kindergarten and it begins with you! They will be given a planner and 2 folders (Communication/school folder and a homework folder) to call their own. It is up to your kindergartener to keep up with the planner and folders each day while in school. I will help remind each student to bring the items to school each day and place it inside their desk.

Soon, it will be their responsibility to do so without prompting and to remember to take it home each day. These items are useful for daily communication, homework and special letters that will be sent home during the school year. Because we have so many fun things going on it is very important that you check your child’s backpack and folder to stay up to date on the things that happen within the classroom.

Rules and Procedures

We will be going over rules and procedures daily throughout the year. Because this is new to many students, I will give more time for them to learn our class rules and how to complete certain tasks inside the classroom.

Remind your kindergartener to listen closely for directions and use your words to talk to Ms. De when problems happen. I am more than happy to help, but a lot of the time, instructions are missed and confusion happens when our attention wanders to something else.

Sight Words          Image result for sight words clipart

Learning sight words is a big part of our kindergarten year. A list will be sent out periodically (usually every 6 weeks) that contains all the words your child needs to know.

If your child is unable to master the list,  DO NOT PANIC!!! Your child will have the next testing period to try again. The key is to frequently go over the list. Throughout the year more words will be added so please do not wait until the end to start going over them and overwhelm your kindergartener.


Inside the planner are small activities for your kindergartener to complete daily that will take a few minutes to complete. 1 folder will be considered a homework folder that will have small sentences for your child to read daily and instructions on a small reading or math assignment. With assistance, your child will be able to complete all these items within 30 minutes. It will take time for your child to get the hang of it, but do not give up! Practice is key! If you ever have a question about any of the assignments, feel free to let me know within the communication folder (the one without prongs)

 If homework is incomplete, they will be given the opportunity to finish the assignment the following school day. If help is needed, I will assist as well. 

Homework will begin August 26th so kindergarteners will have time to adjust to a full week of school and assignments.

Snacks Image result for snack clipart

We are asking that you donate snacks and juice for 20 students at least once a month. This will ensure each child has something in the afternoon before dismissal. Listed below is a list of some items you may want to bring. Thank you so much in advance.

                        Image result for snack clipart   Chips                    Cookies                Crackers               Capri Sun             Fruit Snacks

Individualized is preferred but if you send a large one, I’ll divide it up.

I appreciate the opportunity to serve the students of Middleton Elementary. I will work with each of you to create an environment where your child will feel safe and have the desire to succeed both academically and socially. 

Thank you so much for taking the time out to view my page!

kindergarten rocksKindergarten ROCKS!!!

Ms. Becky
Ms. Becky
Ms. Teresa
Ms. Teresa
Ms. D
Ms. D


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