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World Heart Day in 2021 | Calendar Labs  10 Ways to Keep Your Child’s Heart Healthy


  1. KEEP MOVING…...Exercise as a family, ride bikes, take a walk, play games outside.
  2. BE POSITIVE….Incorporate games into family activities, walk to the park for a healthy picnic...CELEBRATE SUCCESSES!
  3. LIMIT SCREEN TIME….get moving instead of sitting!
  4. SCHEDULE CHECK-UPS BEFORE SPORTS SEASON….visit your child’s doctor before starting a sport
  5. GO TO THE GROCERY STORE TOGETHER...choose healthy foods together...grains, fish, poultry, fruit & veggies
  6. KEEP HEALTHY OPTIONS ON HAND….offer healthy snacks; whole grain crackers, string cheese, dried fruit
  7. MAKE DINNER A FAMILY AFFAIR….have your child help plan & prepare meals
  8. CHECK SALT INTAKE….avoid processed foods
  9. STAY INVOLVED…..monitor your child’s progress
  10. SET GOALS…..set realistic goals for your child and yourself...a small change can lead to BIG improvements!

Have a nutritious snack ready for your child after school

No matter how well a child eats at breakfast and lunch they will most likely be hungry after school. Some families eat dinner when kids arrive home from school, but many families don't eat until two or three hours after school is out. If your child needs an after-school snack, try to:

  1. Find the right-sized snack to help them come to dinner hungry, but not starving. Hungry children are more likely to try new foods, but if they are overly hungry, they are more inclined to eat very quickly and possibly overeat. If they come to the table full from eating a meal-sized afternoon snack, they will not want to eat their meal, or they might eat it anyway and feel stuffed.
  2. Offer a snack like an apple with a tablespoon of peanut butter, or a cup of 54 Apple And Peanut Butter Illustrations & Clip Art - iStockyogurt, a healthy granola bar or cheese and whole-grain crackers. These types of snacks should be enough to satiate their hunger without spoiling their appetite for dinner.


Vegetable Dip High Res Stock Images | ShutterstockFresh veggies with dip

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bran muffin bites

These recipes, and more can be found here


  • Any medications to be given at school need to have an order from a licensed provider. There are medication forms available in the school office.
  • Medications must be brought to the school by a responsible adult...not sent to the school with the student. The adult must bring the medicine to the school nurse or the office staff.
  • For more information on our school medication policy, click
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school nurseUseful Websites for Parents:

Physician-reviewed information and advice on children’s health and parenting issues.

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