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Ms. Paige's 1st grade Inventors

A note from Ms. Paige: Our main story was about Thomas Edison and one of his many inventions, the light bulb. Today, we invented and built a bridge with toothpicks and marshmallows. Out of 13, we had 2 standing “bridges” and a few upset kids who didn’t get it right. We found out that it took Thomas Edison over a year to get the light bulb working so I encouraged them to not give up and learn from their “experiment”.

Another one of our stories this week was about a man who invented robots. I asked the students to imagine if they could build a robot and what it would do and look like. They had to draw what it looked like and tell what it would do in front of the class. smileyWe had a lot of robots that cleaned their rooms and even did their work for them. Some flew them to school.smiley