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DARE        DARE

6th grade rocks

After two weeks of D.A.R.E. instruction our young Tiger sixth graders have already learned some valuable life lessons.


Last week we learned how drug and alcohol use can affect our community reputations. We were taught how to Identify ourselves as important members of the school, understand the relationship between Alcohol and Other Drug use, how society shapes our behavior, and that high school students who choose not to drink or do drugs are in the majority. Did you hear that? The MAJORITY! Most high school kids are choosing to stay away from drugs. What an amazing example!!Image result for dare clipart


The second lesson taught us about the consequences that drug abuse can have on us. We now understand how alcohol and drugs affect our brains and that there are huge risks that comes with alcohol and drug use.


Along with journal entries, class activities, vibrant powerpoint lessons and attention-grabbing illustrations, the D.A.R.E. Curriculum has been a challenging and exciting experience for us and we look forward to many more months of new and exciting lessons.

D.A.R.E.’s keepin’ it REAL Elementary School curriculum continues a more than thirty year commitment to providing cutting edge instruction that helps prevent drug use by developing basic, core skills needed for safe and responsible choices…skills that extend well beyond drugs to healthy and mature choices in life.

The curriculum, designed based on the Socio-Emotional Learning Theory (SEL), identifies fundamental, basic skills and developmental processes needed for healthy development including:

  • Self-awareness and management
  • Responsible decision making
  • Understanding others
  • Relationship and communication skills
  • Handling responsibilities and challenges

SEL theory teaches youth to control their impulses and think about risks and consequences resulting in more responsible choices. D.A.R.E. believes that if you can teach youth to make safe and responsible decisions, it will guide them to healthy choices, not only about drugs, but across all parts of their lives. As they grow to be responsible citizens, they will lead healthier and more productive drug-free lives.

The course’s ten lessons are arranged in a scaffolding process, starting with the basics about responsibility and decision making and then building on each other allowing students to develop their own responses to real life situations. The very first lesson starts with responsibility and introduces decision making with subsequent lessons applying these skills in increasing complex ways to drug use and other choices in their lives.

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